Saturday, 4 July 2009


Well,I dont suppose there is anything new with me.I do remember Cheryl telling me she's coming over in July.But I totally forgot.I saw her in the canteen with Suhaimie n I was like...pfff...Dude, if u go over there,it will be like playing dota with Erick while he uses balanar.(meaning its pointless)So I laid back.Occasionally looking at them both while talking to Erick and Dennis about Dota.

Bagi salam to the occasional ustazah passing by while smiling in guilt.Then people come and say "Suhaimie is looking for you."obviously I know why...How can you not catch on that I don't respond to ur calling because I don't want to...geez.Then out of the blue Suhaimie brings her over.I turn around after Erick gives me the heads up in a mocking tone and I'm stunned.All I can see are her eyes(she looks really cute in person)...

In that moment,all the words were playing in my head,but my mouth was locked.I really wanted to talk to her but I couldnt work up the nerve.So,I said Hi...ok bye!...WTF happened to me???That has never happened before...What a fool I made of myself.Then she and Suhaimie walked away and I sat down and sighed.Erick and Dennis were laughing.Slapped Dennis but not Erick.

I was really emo for the rest of the day...Thinking about Cheryl and how stupid I was to be like that...I shut down completely when she looked at me...BODOH!!!!I regreted not saying anything to her but it was out of my control...What to do...The next day,I come down from class
and there she is in the canteen.I meet Suhaimie on the way over and say "I'm gonna make up for yesterday."

I sit down next to her and start by apologising for my rudeness the previous day.Then we start talking and blablabblablablablablablablablablablablablablabla................................Afiq comes and says "Hakeem...Lain negara macamana?"Wan said the same thing.Keep in mind the are a year older than me n one is a blackbelt in taekwondo so I couldn't do anything.Then i asked her out but she said she had no time...Ah the disappointment.I dealt with it.

Then she said she had to go n I hung around in the canteen for a bout ten minutes,before grabbing my bag n taking off.I tapped her shoulder n said I'm going back now.She smiled sweetly n waved and I left.Got back home,makan,ulangkaji,get exited about Saarah coming home,tidur...owh,YES I DID TAKE A SHOWER AND YES I DID PRAY.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

To UiTM she goes...

Today,Saturday,while others lay in bed at 5.00 in the morning awaiting the gotong-royong at school,I got off my backside napped on the couch for half an hour,got washed and left the house at six a.m. to send my beloved sis to college...It took us about two hours to get from KL to Melaka...Turns out Alor Gajah is in the middle of nowhere...Like kampung surrounded...

On the way, I slept twice in the car...I tell you,comfort was sleeping with the fishes then...My head was swinging around banging into my sister's shoulder...(OUCH!!!) We got to the campus at about 8 a.m. and the place was packed even though registration started at 8.30 a.m...they came in hordes...literally...Fortunatelly,the counter we needed to be at was without a queue...

We finished up with the registration and headed to the dorms...Me n Zain ended up carrying the baggage up a few flight of stairs to the top floor.What I hated the most was the fact that we were like celebrities at the campus.EVERYONE was staring at us...One guy had his mouth hanging open..X malu...Saarah booked the bottom bunk and desk.She shared the room with three other girls.

After Saarah unpacked which took ages,we left the campus for a while and I had no idea why or where we were going.So, I fell asleep again.When I woke up,I looked outside the car window and I saw TESCO...I thought I was back in KL...What a dissappointment that turned out to be...Saarah n mumsy went inside n got some supplies for her stay.After that, we headed to kampung (Muar,Johor) and met nana!!!YAY!Makan makan makan chat chat chat and we left headed straight for the campus.On the way there,my mp4 battery ran out.Its lasted for a full eleven hours.Well done mate!Then I was forced to listen to my dads horrid singing...Dropped my sister off hug hug and we left.Was so exhausted.Fell asleep again on the way back.We stopped off at Seremban to buy some coffee coz my dad was sleepy at the wheel D= That was scary. A millenium later,we made it back to civilisation and we took the SMART tunnel, stopped by McD and went home.Now my bro has moved into my sisters room. It will be lonely without Saarah around.

If ur reading this, MISS YA SIS!!!!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Latest update

The past few days have been hectic for me,including the devastation of not being able to go to the khemah ibadah with all my friends :( I stayed back at school on the day they all left (which was a friday) and I waited until the buses left.The sorrow which overwhelmed me is beyond words.Anyway,Anaas is keeping me updated on the stuff theyre doing over there...apparently they did a lot of crying...

The next day was my schools anugerah cemerlang...I had to go because my brother was getting some sort of award for his 8 A's...While there,I met Afiq, Akid, Shahril, Naim, Nadzmie, etc...It was nice to see them again after so long :D We went inside and were given some nasty sandwiches, a donut and water.Stingy school...I was happily listening to my mp4 and the principal went on the stage to give a speech.SUDDENLY, when she started talking,my mp4 battery ran out !!!! :'(.

I was forced to listen to her blabber on about god knows what...I felt like falling asleep but I wasnt exactly comfortable.I would rather shoot my brains out than have to listen to her again...Anak-anak my arse...Then the guest of honour gave her speech.I have nothing against her but keep the speech short like....geez.I was beginning to wonder if she would finish this year.Then,the next worse person got up on stage.ROSLEY!!!!Here's what happened:

Rosley started his speech with the intro to the pengetua and guests as usual...but with 2 minute pauses in between words...geez.wonder what school he went to.Then he starts to babble on talking about how unhelpful the parents are finance-wise.I mean not everyone has a pocket as deep as the Grand Canyon...Talk about insensitive.Its meant to be a joyous occasion and he makes it a depressing event.Duface...

Anyway,I guess thats it for now...I know my updates are far apart,but whats it to YOU?No one reads this stuff anyway...
Peace out :)

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

What do u do when u feel this bad?

The past few days have been a living hell for me.In the process,I managed to destroy a frienship,and lose my bestfriend.All because of one girl.WTH????In my moment of weakness,she found out about my feelings for her.Probably being the biggest mistake i ever made.Her finding out was the beginning.Syafiq's call was what sent my connection with these three people into oblivion.

Then,after delivering the final blow to me which was and I quote,"I know I'm making a big mistake,blahblahblah,I choose no one,she then asks me to call Hfz n talk to him.In the end of that,I end up doing the wrong thing.Which happens so many times but WHY CAN'T YOU UNDERSTAND I WAS TRYING????Anywho,I am unsure of where I stand with Hfz or ces't girl.

Now,talking to her is incredibly difficult and awkward.This is what i mean by i destroyed a friendship.I haven't talked to any of the people involved and I don't plan to coz I know it sounds gay but,it hurts.It really does.I don't know why but this time what happened,I couldn't just brush off my shoulder.It stuck to me,and its painful.

All of this has just killed my holiday spirit.I don't even feel like going out anymore.Just sit in my bedroom and be emo.Thats pretty much what I did yesterday.Torture my emotional side intensely.By thinking about her...I really don't want to and I really regret doing that,but everything is stuck in my head,and my brain isn't processing it.

So,basicly what I mean by the above statement is I sit down,watch TV(YAY!TV!!!)n be sad.I know ur all thinking geez this guys pathetic but shove it.Who told u to come read?

The end...

Sunday, 7 June 2009


Today and yesterday I have been following my dad to the driving range to hit a few balls...(sounds so wrong...hehe)Anywho,I take the booth next to my dad's and the sound the club makes when he hits the ball a.k.a moment of inertia is deafening.Its really loud.

My shots however....are a different story all together.Yesterday,my best was 50...:( Today, my distance increased to 90 YAY!!!haha...We played at Setapak Driving Range yesterday which has two stories.Beginners play on the top.Today,we played at Titiwangsa.There is only one floor there,the ground itslef.I hit some bad-ass balls out there today...(My 90m).About 20 of the 100 balls I hit reached that distance.

Approaching the end of my session,the hard grip of my 8 iron took its toll on my hand.I released the grip to discover some nasty blisters on my palm...Words could not describe the pain I was in.but, being a dude,crying was not an option.

After returning home,I took a shower, ate and we went out again to Bangsar to get my sis a desperatly needed bag...(Idk y...)Anyway,after a lengthy wait in the car,they returned from the mall (mom n sis) n we drove of into the sunset.....only to arrive at Ikano.When we got there i was hungry and exhausted.This made worse by a full walk through IKEA.That place is way too big...I

I dont really remember what happened in Ikano so I guess I'll skip that part.We got homa t about 7.10pm and i rushed for the laptop thinking the computer was not working yet.(Its tempromental)After that, blablablablablalablablablablablablablablablablablablalablablablablablablablablablablablablalablablablablablablabla
........................and we arrive at this moment.The end :)

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Out of shape... :(

I woke up pretty early today...but i made the decision to stay in bed from about 7 a.m. until 9... :)
Got up straight away coz I had to be somewhere.Took a taxi there and upon reaching my destination,I discovered an overfull room.To my dissapointment,it was either come back at five,or the next morning.

I took a taxi back home and man was i worn out! Stupid PMR took away my tennis,so no exercise for me :( After lounging around on the sofa,I fetch myself an unhealthy meal called MAGGI!!! Now we arrive at me typing this pointless uh...Bulletin?

For the rest of the day,I plan to rest around watch tv,sleep for a while,go online again,answer to nature's calling and thats pretty much it for now...Holidays may come at convinient times but when you get further into them,the phrase I'M BORED AS HELL!!!! comes around quite often.

Nadira just did a survey on me...geez,some of the questions are quite strange.Then she goes n says something innapropriate...well,Thats what friends are for...RYTE?What a strange little girl she turned out to be...

ANYWAY,for those who plan to go out with friends these hols,if I ask,just say no,ur not going anywhere.Its annoying if u say u are coz ain't got no money...Haih...Sucks.

Before You Ask..

Last beverage → Glass of orange
Last phone call → Erick
Last text message → Anaas
Last song you listened to → Unholy Confessions,Avenged Sevenfold
Last time you cried→Not saved in memory

Dated someone twice → Sure...Never give up :)
Been cheated on →Yes
Kissed someone & regretted it → No
Lost someone special→ Yes

Fallen out of love → Yes
Laughed until you cried → Yes
Met someone who changed your life → Yes, yes, yes, yes.
How many people on your top friends do you know in real life? → All of them?
Do you have any pets → Cats,hamsters and an ant named Bob
Do you want to change your name →Every second of every day.
What time did you wake up today → 9.15am
What were you doing at midnight last night → Counting sheep.
Name something you cannot wait for → To meet you
The last time you saw your father→just now
What's one thing you wish you could change→ The existance of nervousness.
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom → Nope
What's getting on your nerves right now → My nose
What's your name → Hakeem
Elementary/Primary School→ King Edwards Primary School and SK Taman Setiawangsa. I travelled alot :D
High School → SMK Aminuddin Baki
Hair color → Brown
Long or short → Shortie
Are you a health freak → Not bothered.
righty or lefty? I'm right handed.

First surgery → Never. I have a perfect health record :)
First piercing → WTH....
First best friend →Either Sam or Hafiz.
First sport you joined → Tennis
First pet → Hamster named Sammie :D
Family Pet. Still Sammie.
First vacation → What kind of vacation are we talking here? Vacation vacation or just vacation? Never had the prior, the latter.. probably Hyatt Kuantan. Gorgeous beach :D :D

Eating → Lasagna.
Drinking → Barli.
Waiting → for the traffic lights to change.

Want kids? → Definitely :)
Want to get married?→ Of course.
Careers in mind? → Something that gives me money and exercise.
Kissed a stranger → Nope.
Drank Wine/Beer/alcohol → Nooo.
Lost glasses/contacts → Dont have either one.
Ran away from home → No.
Broken someone's heart → No.
Been arrested → Nope.
Cried when someone died → Yes.

Yourself → Not really,no.
Miracles → No.
Love at first sight → Yeapareeno
Heaven → Yes
Kiss on the first date→ :)
Angels → Yes

Is there one person you want to be with right now? → Yes
more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? → Would it hurt?
Do you believe in God? → Of course...